January 22, 2007

Hard work + student discipline = school success (part two)

Posted in Success stories at 11:04 pm by madisonparent

The success of the Harlem Village Academy charter school in New York City is spotlighted in a recent New York Daily News article (“Work and Pride Add Up: Harlem School Cheers Math Rank,” January 13, 2007). From the school’s web site:

Village Academies makes a deliberate effort to reach out and recruit New York’s neediest and lowest-performing children. 100% of students are minority, 88% are at or near poverty (qualifying for free or reduced price lunch), and 12% are special education. Students begin an average of two to four years behind grade-level in reading and math, and many enter the school with a history of poor behavior. Students are recruited from New York’s low-income communities, and accepted through an open lottery. [….]

We follow the “broken windows” theory of discipline – no late homework, disrespectful gesture, or other minor infraction is tolerated. Students wear school uniforms, must arrive to school on time and prepared, and are expected to follow a strict, clear and consistent code of conduct.


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