May 9, 2007

Police calls for Madison schools – September through December 2006

Posted in Statistics and reporting, Student safety at 8:50 am by madisonparent

The charts below (click on each thumbnail to enlarge) summarize Madison Police Department calls for service to MMSD schools from September 1 through December 31, 2006. The data is summarized by school below the fold.

Data like this provides a starting point for getting a sense of the type and levels of incidents that affect safety in our children’s schools, and it’ll be useful to compare these numbers from time to time against like categories of data going forward. Context that we need, but don’t have, is information on the number and types of violent or disruptive incidents occurring in the schools as a whole (not just those resulting in police calls), and to what extent policies on summoning law enforcement in response to a violent or disruptive incident vary from school to school (in which case call data alone may be an unreliable index of the school’s relative safety).

UPDATE, June 11, 2007: See this post for additional incidents reported for Affiliated Alternatives.





  1. […] through December 2006, when compared to the police call data for Affiliated Alternatives as posted here last month, includes several additional incidents not found in the earlier report. (The additional incidents […]

  2. MadCrime101 said,

    This is a lot of great information. Thank you for providing it!

  3. […] repeat the commentary from the last time we posted call data statistics: “Data like this provides a starting point for getting a […]

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