June 24, 2007

MMSD student/teacher assaults/injuries 2006-2007

Posted in School policy, Statistics and reporting, Student safety, Student violence at 12:38 pm by madisonparent

Details of the data behind the “School assaults, by the numbers” item (thank you, Bill Lueders) in this week’s Isthmus are posted here (sorted by school name), and here (subtotals of incidents by school type). The reports included incidents through June 4, 2007, so any incidents that occurred during the final fortnight of the school year aren’t included. There are a couple of entries whose dates predate the school year and may be typos, but they are replicated as is.

Student-on-student assault/injury information is not included in these reports, nor do these reports include incidents of verbal threats of violence against staff (even those serious enough to result in the issuance of a restraining order). Police were called in only 13 of the 224 incidents. We don’t know whether there is a district-wide policy that requires that all such incidents be reported, and, if there is, whether the policy is followed consistently from school to school. I concur with the commenters at School Information System that this is only a part of the picture, that we need to know more, and that we need to do more.



  1. Whitehorse School Parent said,

    When our daughter was assaulted at a MMSD school by her teacher, the acting principal refused to call the police. Even though several other children have confirmed the assault it has been hard getting the school to do anything to the teacher for his actions. We have been met with lies and retaliation by the acting principal. These are not the values we believe the school should be teaching our children.

  2. Steve said,

    I know that the principal left the school (temporary principal) shortly after the child was injured. Does anyone know what discipline the teacher got after her injured the student. Did his union help brush it under the carpet?

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